Introduction about publication

      1  B.Myagmarjav  “The basic moving issues for herdsman”

Mongolia, UB, 1974; 8 p.p

      2.     B.Myagmarjav  “ Some issues on pastoral animal husbandry”  /An examples for national and the World level/

Mongolia, UB, 1985; 14 p.p


Serial for the World nomadic livestock husbandry


     3.     B.Myagmarjav   “Development problems of The World nomadic livestock husbandry “ volume 1

Mongolia, UB, 2004; 35 p.p

     4.     B.Myagmarjav   “The World nomadic livestock husbandry” /textbook/ volume 2

Mongolia, UB, 2006; 40 p.p

      5.     B.Myagmarjav   “The main problems of the development for African nomadic livestock husbandry”  volume 3

Mongolia, UB, 2003-2006; 35 p.p

      6.  B.Myagmarjav “The main problems of the development for Asian nomadic livestock husbandry – volume 4”  

Mongolia, UB, 2007; 35 p.p

7. B.Myagmarjav “Role and change of mongolian lifestock husbandry in the world pastrol lifestock husbandry – volume 5”  

Mongolia, UB 2009 25 p.p

8. B.Myagmarjav “Comparative study of Indian and Mongolian nomadic livestock husbandry– volume 6”  

Mongolia, UB 2011

9. B.Myagmarjav “Northern African Nomadic Livestock Husbandry in World Market– volume 7”  

Mongolia, UB 2011

10  B.Myagmarjav “World pastoral livestock husbandry in the market of International tourism– volume 8”  

Mongolia, UB 2012

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