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Northern African Nomadic Livestock Husbandry in World Market

Volume 7 


Author’s notes:


First part: Northern African Nomadic Livestock and African Livestock husbandry

Chapter one: Position of the South African Nomadic Livestock Husbandry in African Livestock Husbandry

1.1. Northern African countries and regions with nomadic livestock husbandry

1.2. Northern African climate

1.3. Typology and peculiarities of nomads’ of the Northern African countries

1.4. Northern African nomadic countries’ volume and area and its reform in African pastureland

1.5. Northern African nomadic countries’ with nomadic livestock and its volume and reform of five different types of livestock

1.6. Northern African reform and volume of the population of the countries having nomadic livestock husbandry in the African population

Second part: Comparative Studies of the Nomadic Livestock Husbandry

Chapter two: Production and statistics of the Nomadic Livestock

2.1. Changing ratio for pastureland-livestock-human resource

2.2. Location of the livestock

2.3. Structure of the livestock breeds

2.4. Statistical growth of the livestock breeds

2.5. Growth of livestock production

2.6. Quality standard of the livestock

2.7. Profit of productivity , leveled by “pastureland-livestock-human resource”

Chapter three: Correlation between nomadic livestock husbandry and their value

3.1. Index of agriculture production

3.2. Livestock husbandry and agriculture

3.3. Livestock husbandry and haymaking

3.4. Livestock husbandry and food production

3.5. Livestock husbandry and light industry

3.6. Livestock husbandry and foreign trade

Chapter four: Diversity of Nomadic Livestock Husbandry

4.1. Diversity of livestock breeding

4.2. Specialization of meat production

4.3. Specialization of milk production

4.4. Specialization of wool production

Chapter five: Livestock Products of Northern Africa in the World Livestock Industry

5.1. African meat industry

5.2. African milk industry

5.3. African wool industry

5.4. African leather preparation

Third part: Nomadic Livestock and social, economic factors

Chapter six: Nomadic Livestock society and economy

6.1. Nomadic livestock husbandry and human resource

6.2. Nomadic livestock husbandry and ecology

6.3. Nomadic livestock husbandry and science and technology process

6.4. Nomadic livestock husbandry and international law, religion, and economy

6.5. Nomadic livestock husbandry disadvantage and advantage

- Conclusions

- Atlas and Photos

- Bibliography

- Appendix

- Program of the 3 credit universities

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