Myagmarjav.B  /Sc.D and Prof/         


Role and change of mongolian lifestock husbandry in the world pastrol lifestock husbandry.


UB 2009 25 p.p

 This creation written by B. Myagmarjav is the fifth volume and it is about nomadic animal husbandry.

Content of this creation:

               First part

World pasture animal husbandry and mongolian nomadic animal husbandry   

               First group;

World pasture animal               ║ ▪ country of pasture animal husbandry zone

 husbandry and mongolian      ║ ▪ climate, water, soil, plant

 nomadic animal husbandry   ║ ▪ use of feature nomadic pasture

 account for position                 ║ ▪ in the world pasture account for proportion of                                          

                                                               mongolian  pasture, of that change        

                                                            ║ ▪ in the world pasture animal husbandry account for     

                                                              mongolian animals proportion, of that change

                                                           ║ ▪ in the world population account for mongolian    

                                                               population, of that change

             Second part

Animal husbandry relational research change

               Second group;

Animal number,                    ║ ▪ animal location

and production                      ║ ▪ make-up

                                                      ║ ▪ number of animal

                                                      ║ ▪ animal husbandry product’s increase

                                                      ║ ▪ animal husbandry quality index

               Third group;

Pasture animal husbandry       ║ ▪ food and agricultureral product’s index

and real sector’s                            ║ ▪ animal husbandry and cultivation 

interrelation                                   ║  ▪ animal husbandry and meadow preparation

                                                             ║ ▪ animal husbandry and food production

                                                             ║ ▪ animal husbandry and light production

                                                             ║ ▪ animal husbandry and foriegn trade

                Fourth group;

Pasture animal husbandry   ║ ▪ animal categorization

categorization products        ║ ▪ meat production specialization

specialization                             ║ ▪ milk production specialization                                                                                                  


                                                         ║ ▪ wool production specialization

                                                         ║ ▪ cashmere production specialization

                Fifth group;

In the world production        ║ ▪ world meat production

mongolian animal                     ║ ▪ world milk production

husbandry product                  ║ ▪ world wool and cashmere production

                                                          ║ ▪ world skin and hides production

             Third part

Nomadic animal husbandry and society economic complex question

             Sixth group;

Nomadic animal husbandry ║ ▪ animal husbandry and human stock

and society economic             ║ ▪ animal husbandry and environment

complex question                     ║ ▪ animal husbandty and wild animal

                                                          ║ ▪ animal husbandry and nomadic civilization

                                                          ║ ▪ animal husbandry and sport, tourism

                                                         ║ ▪ animal husbandry and culture

                                                         ║ ▪ animal husbandry and soldier, time in war

                                                         ║ ▪ animal husbandry and menejmet

                                                         ║ ▪ animal husbandry and energy, nature production

                                                         ║ ▪ animal husbandry and science technical                      


                                                         ║ ▪ acclimatise of nomad sector

                                                         ║ ▪  for example of hippophae

                                                         ║ ▪ nomadic animal husbandry and economy,

                                                             international law, law, politics

                                                         ║ ▪ nomadic animal husbandry’s advantage and


                                                        ║ ▪ nomadic animal husbandry and many country,   

                                                           many religion


  1. Mongolia is agriculture country which explored world pasture animal husbandry.

  2. Haymaking is possessions land for pastrol livestock husbandry, in countries such as mongolia has a widely pastrol land for using on haymaking, and after haymaking it is possible to use for  herding livestock. Livestock nourishment prepared from haymaking completes the nourishment basis of livestock and saves from gang\dryness\and zud\livestock plague\.



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