Myagmarjav.B  /Sc.D and Prof/ 

“Comparative study of Indian and Mongolian nomadic livestock husbandry”-volume VI 

Volume 6

Survey about India
Chapter one
Position of Indian nomadic animal husbandry in the world nomadic livestock husbandry
1.1. Asia and India regions having nomadic livestock husbandry
1.2. Climate conditions of Asia and India
1.3. Peculiarities of nomadic lifestyles of Asia and India
1.4. Position and change of Indian pasture among the total pastureland of nomadic livestock husbandry countries
1.5. Position and change of Indian nomadic livestock structure among the total livestock of nomadic livestock husbandry countries
1.6. Position and change of Indian nomadic people and herders among the people engaged in such activities in the world
Chapter two
Current position of nomadic livestock husbandry, number of livestock and its production
2.1. Position of livestock
2.2. Structure and change of livestock
2.3. Development of nomadic livestock husbandry
2.4. Development of the nomadic animal husbandry production
2.5. Nomadic livestock husbandry and its production specialization
Chapter three
Correlation between nomadic livestock husbandry and real economic sector
3.1. Nomadic livestock husbandry and agriculture
3.2. Nomadic livestock husbandry and haymaking
3.3. Nomadic livestock husbandry and food production
3.4. Nomadic livestock husbandry and light industries
Chapter four
Nomadic animal husbandry and social economic issues
4.1. Nomadic livestock husbandry and environment
4.2. Nomadic livestock husbandry and civilization
4.3. Nomadic animal husbandry and wild animal
4.4. Nomadic animal husbandry and culture, sports, and tourism
Chapter five
New Seven Wonders of the World, nomad and pearl of Hubilai Khan
5.1. Great wall of China and Mongols
5.2. Taj Mahal and Moguls
5.3. Petraj and nomad
5.4. Pearl of Hubilai Khan
• Summary
• Bibliography
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